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We'd Like to Host A Class!

Thanks for visiting the First Contact 9-1-1 website. We realize you may have many questions, and we'll try to help answer them for you. Please take a moment to go over our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Download a Host Pack

To get things started, please download the Host Pack from this page and fax  or email it back to us. This helps us know some specifics about your agency, the training solutions you desire, and the dates that you'd like to schedule for the upcoming class. We'll use that information to help in the registration process, and to design a Class Confirmation Letter specific for your class, including a map and directions to the classroom.

What is the Hosting process?

1 / Get Host Materials Together

As a host we generally require from you: a PowerPoint type projector, a classroom setting with tables and chairs, and some snacks in the morning. That's it!

2 / Begin Registration

We'll begin taking registrations for the class, and will send you class informational bulletins for other Centers near you that may also be interested in attending the class. We'll keep you in the loop with regular Class Roster updates.

3 / Training Packet Arrival

About two weeks before the class date, we'll contact you to see if you have any additional questions, and to give you any updated class information that we may have. A box will shortly arrive that will contain our class Handouts, Enrollment Forms, Evaluations and Certificates. There's nothing you need to do, other than to give the box a good home until we arrive.

4 / Trainer Check In

When we arrive in your community, we'll 'run the route' to your training location, and we'll check-in with you to let you know that we've arrived.

5 / Follow Up

After we've completed the class, we'll be happy to share our Class Evaluations with you, and we'll continue to follow-up with you to ensure that you're pleased with the results.

Let's chat!

First, we'd like to know a little about you, your agency, and you specific training needs. That usually begins with a telephone call to our Customer Care Line. Many 9-1-1 Centers know that they need (and want) the best training possible, but how do they begin? Here, we'll ask you what your needs may be, so we may suggest training solutions that will help your agency gain the best possible results. This isn't cookie-cutter; we know as Public Safety professionals ourselves that different Centers have different needs. In addition to the classes you'll find here on the website, we have many others available, or can create a specific lesson plan for your specific needs...just let us know!

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