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Here's all the answers to the questions you may have on 9-1-1 education.

  • Who is First Contact 9-1-1, LLC?
    First Contact 9-1-1 was started by a group of 9-1-1 dispatchers, to serve 9-1-1 dispatchers. We thought, 'who better to train dispatchers..than dispatchers!' We know that where training is concerned, you'll want the best. And we have them! People who actually 'work the Board'... just like you do. These dispatchers take time off from their already busy 9-1-1 work schedules to come and teach your team. They have the passion to teach, and it shows in our classes! No glitz, no trinkets, just excellent 9-1-1 training for the topics you need, with the results you expect.
  • How do I register for a class?
    It's easy! All of our current classes are listed on our Schedule page. If you see a class coming up in your area, just register on line! We'll send you a Class Confirmation Letter and directions showing the easiest way to reach our teaching location.
  • Can I host a class with First Contact 9-1-1?
    You bet! Just call our Customer Care Line toll-free at (408) 782.8828 and let us know that you'd like a Host Pack. The Host Pack is our way of getting to know a little bit about your agency, what classes you'd like to host, and when on your calendar you'd like the classes to take place. Once we receive your Host Pack, we'll contact you personally to answer any other questions you may have and firm up any other details.
  • How much does First Contact 9-1-1 charge for a class?
    One day classes are generally $169.00 per student. Two-day classes, such as “Tactical Dispatcher”, "Incident Dispatcher" and "Communications Training Officer", are generally $279.00 per student.
  • Who takes the class registrations?
    Some host agencies prefer to take their own registrations. We can also take registrations; we'll periodically keep you informed of the class attendance totals as we get closer to the class dates.
  • What is the class minimum?
    We generally are looking for a class size of about 15 students per day. We'll do less, but that minimum helps keep our costs low. Once all your neighboring agencies know that a class is coming, filling a class usually isn't a problem!
  • How soon can I host a First Contact 9-1-1 class?
    Generally, most agencies need around 60 days to get their people into a class. They need a little time to prepare funding for the dispatcher to attend, and to facilitate changes in their work schedule. We can generally provide a class sooner, but many agencies may not be able to attend quite that soon. Usually, the more notice that an agency gets of an upcoming class, the better.
  • What will I need to host a First Contact 9-1-1 class?
    We've tried to make hosting one of our classes as painless as possible for you. All we ask is that you provide the following: A comfortable classroom (tables, chairs and a white board are appreciated) • An LCD video projector (We use PowerPoint for our presentations) Some refreshments for the class. Different hosts do different things. Coffee / tea in the morning, and soft drinks in the afternoon are common. Some provide pastries and / or's really up to you! We'll also ask you for a list of your sister 9-1-1 Centers in the area, so we may notify them of the class. We will also provide you with a sample script describing the class that you can send to other area agencies, if your state allows such.
  • What if I don't have a Training Center in my Dispatch Center?
    That's OK...We teach in a variety of locations. There may be a suitable location near your Center in a fire station, police station, public works facility, school, or even in a local hotel. If you can provide a comfortable location for learning, we can make it work!
  • How do you bill us to attend your classes?
    As soon as we receive your completed Registration Form, we'll send you an invoice, along with our Class Confirmation Letter. You may pay directly from the invoice or bring a check to the class. We also accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.
  • Help! I can't attend the class and I have to cancel! What are my options?
    We understand that situations come up at the last minute where you may have to cancel. Please call our Customer Care Line at (408) 782.8828 and let us know as soon as you know. You have the option of substituting another student; just let us know their name so we can process their paperwork accordingly. If you cancel 5 or more days prior to the class start date, we'll refund your tuition less a 10% processing fee. If you cancel less than 5 days before a class begins, we'll send you a credit toward another future class.
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