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First Contact 9-1-1, LLC

                                                       A chain of events begins to unfold...

                                                                     What lies ahead depends on these first few seconds.

                                                           It all starts here - with one person.

                                                                  Hours upon hours of training are now distilled into this very moment.

                                                           ...are you ready?

                                                                       First Contact 9-1-1 was created for that point in time

-                                                                     the first contact - and everything that will follow.

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About Us

First Contact 9-1-1 specializes in training, both in response and responsibility, for those on the line. All aspects and all angles are examined in our classes, creating a new level of professionalism and confidence for your dedicated employees. There's no 'dog and pony' show atmosphere here, no circus acts to entertain your staff -- just solid, factual training from 9-1-1 Instructors who know how to do training, because they live it everyday.

First Contact 9-1-1 has Instructional Services ranging from Basic Calltaking skills, Customer Service, Incident Dispatcher, coping with the effects of 9-1-1 Stress, to in-depth studies of 9-1-1 liability and ethics.  Our Instructors are experts in their field, who take time off from their regular Dispatch duties to come and teach for you and your team.  The have the passion for teaching, and the experience to make your class special and unique.  Courses may also be custom designed to fit your particular needs.


How Do I Become a 9-1-1 Dispatcher?

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