Incident Dispatcher (Tactical)

Whether we're involved with chasing a suspect on a foot chase, setting up a perimeter, or putting together an Incident Command Post, 9-1-1 telecommunicators need to know how to best assist our responders in any tactical situation.
Tactical Dispatchers can help fill that specific need in your department.

A review of the Incident Command System with an emphasis on Law Enforcement, and a discussion on all aspects of the Tactical Operations will be a large part of this course, along with scenarios that will put you in the middle of a simulated SWAT callout.   We'll show you how Tactical Dispatchers can be of benefit during a hostage situation, barricaded subject, high-risk warrant arrest, and planned and unplanned events.

In the Dispatch Center, you'll see how Tactical Dispatch - trained telecommunicators can be a great resource person for the Incident Commander in the field.   If you're the first person to pick up the phone, we'll explain what to say to suicidal / barricaded / hostage taking subjects to gain valuable information, help de-escalate the anxiety of the subject and to better hand-off the call to your police officer, supervisor or Hostage Negotiator.

We'll explain the functions of:
-Incident Commanders
-Inner and Outer Perimeters
-Hostage Negotiators
-SWAT Operations
-Command Post Tactics
-Incident Documentation
-Gathering Intelligence
-Timekeeping during Critical    Events
-Securing Facilities
-Entry Team Tactics
-Snipers and Observers
-Tactical Medics
-Mutual Aid Operations

Class outline

Taught by Tactical Dispatchers who have served on SWAT and Hostage Negotiation Teams, this two-day class is designed as a general overview of the SWAT / Tactical Operation in a condensed time format.  What you need to know, and how things work.


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