Kids in Crisis: Protecting Our Future

We know it's the 9-1-1 call that none of our people wish to receive...that a child has been kidnapped, is missing, or has been harmed in some way.   Handling calls from excited, frightened children involves pulling together all of your training and experience.  And, it's particularly difficult to not become involves personally in the call - especially if you've got kids yourself.

We've pulled together the latest information from across the country on what to do if your people get that call.  Information you need for children involved in:
-Domestic Violence
-Workplace Violence
-School Violence, including the dispatcher's role in agencies using an 'Active Shooter' agency policy
-'Reverse' 9-1-1 type technology
-Missing Children: policy and procedure
-Locating missing 'at-risk' children (and adults)
-Little-known methods for 'getting the word out'
-What questions to ask, and what information do officers need
-Initiating Amber Alerts from your agency
-Working with the Media and other community organizations
-Code Adam policies for business and industry
-Handling cries for help from excited youngsters and teenagers

...and the latest in information from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Help your team do their best on these important calls.  Call the Customer Care Line at (866) 613-1911 for more information on hosting a class in your region.